Buy Austrian Driving License Online
Buy Austrian Driving License Online.
Buy Austrian Driving License Online

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Learn about the different driving licence categories A to F and their descriptions. The table provides a comprehensive guide on the compatibility between different types of licenses and vehicles.

Firstly, Motorcycles with or without a sidecar whose engine power does not exceed 35 kW (48 hp) and whose power to weight ratio does not exceed 0.2 kW/kg, and which, when unconstrained, do not have more than double the engine power (35 kW equates to a vehicle weight of at least 175 kg)
Sidecar-equipped or sidecar-less motorcycles Vehicles with three wheels The Third EU Driving Licence Directive established an optional category, category B1, which appears on the EU photocard licence but was not adopted by Austria. This category covers categories AM, A1, and A2. Therefore, Austria does not grant licenses for this type.
Buy Austrian Driving License Online Category B. In the B category, vehicles with a maximum legal weight of less than 3,500 kg and a maximum seating capacity of eight can be classified as Category A1 vehicles if the holder has held a valid category B license for at least five years, is no longer in the probationary period, has completed training, and has the code 111 on their license (national provision). Trailering a small (750-kg limit) trailer. Towing a hefty trailer is allowed when the vehicle and trailer weigh less than 3,500 kilos. After seven hours of instruction (no exam required), the holder can pull a hefty trailer (maximum permissible mass of over 750 kg), resulting in a vehicle combined mass of 3,500 kg to 4,250 kg. (Code 96) Vehicles with a maximum authorized mass greater than 3,500 kg but less than 4,250 kg, if they are alternative drive systems, used for freight transport, do not tow a trailer, and their mass greater than 3,500 kg is solely due to the propulsion system’s additional weight compared to conventional spark-ignition or compression-ignition internal combustor systems.   C1 Non-D1 and D2 vehicles with a maximum authorized mass of more than 3,500 kg but less than 7,500 kg Towing a small trailer (up to 750 kilograms) in compliance with the relevant motor vehicle laws
Non-D1 and D-category vehicles with a maximum authorized mass over 3,500 kilograms Unique automobiles If the driver was issued a group C license before November 1, 1997, or if the driver is at least 21 years old and has held a category C license for at least two years, and if the vehicle is being driven for the purpose of test or inspection drives to determine the technical state of the vehicle, or if the bus is being removed from a hazard area, then the driver may operate the vehicle in Austria under category D1 or D (provided that no passengers are carried) as long as the vehicle is not being Note that if this permission was in effect before to January 19, 2013, it is now void. Towing a small trailer (up to 750 kilograms) in compliance with regulation
Passenger-carrying vehicles that are no longer than eight meters in length and have no more than 16 seats in addition to the driver’s seat. Towing a small trailer (750 kg max) in line with category D of the national motor vehicle code Larger than eight-seat automobiles Unique automobiles Towing a small trailer (up to 750 kg) in conformity with the laws of Belgium (BE) pertaining to motor vehicles Any vehicle in category B that is approved to pull a trailer or semi-trailer with a maximum authorized mass of less than 3,500 kilograms (kg)
Vehicles in Category C1 that are towing may also include a trailer or semi-trailer with a GVWR of more than 750 kg, up to a total GVWR of 12 tons. Combinations of Category B towing vehicles and trailers or semi-trailers with a maximum allowed mass of more than 3,500 kg but less than 12,000 kg
Category C towing vehicles, with a trailer or semi-trailer with a maximum authorized mass not exceeding 750 kg, unless otherwise indicated in the vehicle approval.
A category D1 towing vehicle and a trailer with a combined maximum authorized mass of 750 kg DE are allowed on the road unless otherwise noted in the vehicle approval. Except when prohibited by law or by the approval of the vehicle, category D towing cars with a trailer whose maximum authorized mass does not exceed 750 kg
Tractors and motorized carts are limited to 50 km/h.
Self-propelled vehicles that reach 50 km/h
Autonomous farm equipment under 50 km/h
Motorized carts that can reach 50 km/h
Vehicle units with a single-axle tractor and another vehicle or equipment and a combined dead weight and top design speed of 25 km/h are called “tractors.”
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