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Buy Hungarian ID card Online, the Hungarian ID card, known as the “Személyi igazolvány,” serves as an official identification document exclusively for individuals who possess Hungarian citizenship. Furthermore, the document includes essential personal details of the cardholder and serves as a valid form of identification, age verification, and proof of Hungarian citizenship. Additionally, mandatory ID cards are issued for Hungarian citizens aged 14 and above.

First ,The validity period for the ID card, on one hand, is 10 years for adults, while on the other hand, it is 5 years for minors. First and foremost, it is important to promptly contact us if you urgently need an ID of any country of your choice. 

What is the duration of validity for the document?

From ages 0 to 12, there is a 3-year period that begins on the date of issuance and continues until the day after the child’s birthday, with a maximum age limit of 12 years old.
There is a 3-year span from the date of issuance to the day after the birthday for individuals aged 12-18.

The age range from 18 to 65 encompasses a duration of 6 years.

Furthermore, for individuals aged 65 and above, the duration of the period remains unchanged at 6 years. However, you can also choose to get a document without a time limit if you don’t use the electronic features of the card.

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