Buy Original Irish Driving License Online
Buy Original Irish Driving License Online

Order or buy original Irish driving licence online

Buy Original Irish Driving License Online in just a maximum of 5 days and benefit from our moderate prices and a guaranteed discreet diplomatic shipping to your address with no delays or excuses. In Ireland, individuals can obtain a driving license that grants them the legal ability to operate a car on public roads. 

2. Types of Driving Licenses in Ireland:

 Discover the various types of driving licenses available in Ireland. 


 Learner Permit (Learner License): The initial stage in the process of acquiring a complete driving license. It enables individuals to acquire driving skills within specific parameters, including the requirement of being accompanied by a certified driver and displaying L plates while driving. 


 full driving license  If you possess a full license, you are able to drive without any limitations. 

In Ireland, there are several main types of driving licenses available.

The Irish driving license system offers a variety of license categories or classes, each corresponding to a specific vehicle type.

Category A includes motorcycles, whether they have a sidecar or not. The motorcycle is further categorized according to its engine size and power output.

– A1: 

Motorcycles with engine capacity under 125cc and power output below 11 kW.

– A2 Category: 

Motorcycles with a maximum power output of 35 kW.

– Category A: 

High-powered motorcycles exceeding 35 kW of power.

Category B: 

This classification encompasses private cars and small commercial vehicles with a maximum weight of 3,500 kg. This applies to most standard passenger vehicles.

Category BE: 

Discover the Perfect Class for Towing Vehicles with a Combined Weight Exceeding 3,500 kg

Category C: 

This class is designed for heavy-duty trucks weighing over 3,500 kg, commonly used for transporting large goods.

– C1 Category: 

Goods vehicles with a weight range of 3,500 to 7,500 kg.

Category CE:

 This class is designed for towing vehicles in combination with trailers that have a weight exceeding 3,500 kg.

Category D: 

Buses and Coaches – The Ultimate Guide

– D1:

 Buses and minibuses with a maximum passenger capacity of 16.

– Category D:

 Buses with a capacity of over 16 passengers.

Category DE:

 This class is designed for towing vehicles in combination with trailers that have a weight exceeding 3,500 kg.

It is crucial to mention that every category may come with extra prerequisites, including age limitations, physical fitness criteria, and specialized driving examinations, to acquire the suitable license. These categories offer a comprehensive overview of the various types of Irish driving licenses.

There are multiple benefits to utilizing an Irish driving license:

1. Global Recognition: 

The Irish driver’s license enjoys widespread acceptance in numerous countries across the globe. Having an Irish driving license can be advantageous when traveling or residing in another country. It enables you to legally rent vehicles and drive without the requirement of an International Driving Permit (IDP).


2. Driving Privileges in the European Union (EU):

 As Ireland is a part of the European Union, possessing an Irish driving license allows you to enjoy driving privileges across all EU countries. This implies that you have the freedom to drive without any additional permits or requirements in other EU countries as long as you possess an Irish license.


3. Easy Identification:

 The Irish driving license is a highly recognized and widely accepted form of identification within Ireland. The ID card is a versatile and widely accepted form of identification that contains essential details like your photo, personal information, and driver’s license number. It serves various purposes, including age verification and facilitating the process of opening bank accounts.


4. Driving Job Opportunities:

 Discover Lucrative Positions in Transportation and Delivery Requiring a Valid Driver’s License Having an Irish driving license can greatly enhance your employment opportunities as it showcases your competence in legally driving a vehicle.


5. Wide Range of Vehicle Classes Accessible with an Irish Driving License: 

With an Irish driving license, you have the privilege to drive motorcycles, cars, commercial vehicles, buses, and trailers. Having the appropriate category of license allows you to legally operate and drive a diverse range of vehicles, which can be highly advantageous in both personal and professional scenarios.


It is crucial to highlight that the advantages of possessing an Irish driving license may differ based on individual circumstances and the specific country or region of residence. It is highly recommended to familiarize yourself with the driving regulations and requirements of the particular area where you plan to drive.


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